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MPROS prepares the future with creative ideas through the network of the best professionals in each field.

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"Global Leader" in the Era of Sustainability

MPROS started the first step in 2014 after accumulating more than 10 years of professional experiences in the area of R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales. MPROS retains application technologies in various medical diagnostic devices, especially, hardware circuit design and signal processing including creation of integrated sensors for the development of IoT-based healthcare management system.

We've prepared future with innovative and creative ideas for the development of advanced sensors, hardware, software, and system integration thru networking with experts in each professional field. Based on the spirit for adventure and honesty, we will bring world to the emotion with the products which care about social and human welfare.
We convince our boundless potential of entering into the global market for medical and personal healthcare devices and services, and we always will do our best for the highest.

We promise to be a representative company in the area of professional healthcare device market with unwavering and continuous passion for challenge.

MPROS Co., Ltd.

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