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MPROS prepares the future with creative ideas through the network of the best professionals in each field.

Company Synopsis

The pursuit of human welfare based on the reverence for life
is the fundamental idea and goal of MPROS

MPROS's business slogan is to develop innovative knowledge for manufacturing best quality products,
All of executives and staffs at MPROS promise to be a leader in the area of global medical and healthcare
device market.

Production Technology
MPROS retains application technologies in various medical diagnostic devices based on the experiences in medical field practices and development of medical equipments.
We also secure base technologies of designing sensors including PVDF film, pressure sensor, optical sensor, and accelerometer as well as signal processing algorithm which could be applied to the IoT-based healthcare solution.
  • Technologies for the development of knowledge based medical devices
  • Collaboration network with medical professionals for clinical evaluation
  • Technologies for sensor application and hardware development
  • Establishment of biosignal analysis algorithm for data quantification and feature extraction
  • Technologies for data communication and mobile application program development
  • System construction technology under IoT environment
Growth Strategy
MPROS will find the solution for extending business in the area of education, entertainment, culture, and emotional science based on the retained technologies. We have detailed growth strategy to enter into the global market and also considers growth through M&A with the company which has core technology.
  • Regular and periodical session for establishing business strategy
  • Financial and legal advice to ensure key fundamental technologies
  • Establishing intense strategy for planning, development, and management
  • Networking with partners and customers
  • Establishing successful revenue model and exit strategy based on IPO and M&A


Preparing Future with Creative Ideas
Do the Best for the Highest
Bring World to the Emotion


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