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Sensor Design & Application
Acquisition of various physiological signals using PVDF contact vibration sensor
Application of pressure sensor for the measurement of pulse waves
Development of array pressure sensor for cuffless blood pressure monitoring
Application of accelerometer for the estimation of activity and energy expenditure
Measurement of SpO2 and pulse using photo sensor
Analog and Digital Circuit Design
Filter design for noise removal and amplification
Power supply circuit design for minimal power consumption
Analog hardware for ECG, EMG, EEG, and EOG
MCU controlled realtime data acquisition and storage
Firmware design and programming
Data communication(USB, Bluetooth, Wifi)
Biofeedback control system design
Digital Signal Processing
Analysis of physiological signal and database construction
Establishment of algorithm for noise removal and feature extraction
Detection of upstroke point for pulse wave and calculation of PWV
Transfer function for estimating central aortic pulse wave
Estimation of central aortic blood pressure
Prediction of risk factor for vascular disease
System Integration and Manufacturing for IoT-based Service
Clinical study for system accuracy and reliability
Clinical study with Millar catheter and RADI pressure wire
User interface program development
Diagnosis and alarm call for sleep apnea
Decision making for emergency situation
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